When Highs Don’t Apply

New highs give clues to solving market riddle… 

This market continues to move higher, above expectations. We’re going to take a look at what the new highs really mean, when the new highs apply, and when they don’t apply. 

Almost sounds like a riddle doesn’t it? 

This market kind of is a riddle if you don’t understand what the new, higher highs are really telling us. The way we look at the highs you buy and the highs you don’t buy has everything to do with structure first and strategy second. So keep that in mind… 

As the market is increasingly bullish heading toward a ceiling, we’re actually closer and closer to a zone that we could sell right now. 

Check out today’s video where I’m going to explain what I use to identify that zone and the way that we can identify overbought and oversold symbols.

Once we accept that new highs don’t apply and that choppy markets do attract a different type of reaction, then we can implement our strategies and tools.

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