Pressing Advantages In ‘Sector Secrets’

Good and Bad In Wild Month

Check out this video where I review Sector Secrets Mastery trades and positioning for new ones.

Following is a quick-look review of how we’re handling this market environment with Sector Secrets Mastery strategies and trades:

Best Trade in July: 

XLV long call, $390 per contract. $780 total 

Worst Trade in July: 

USO long call, $325 per contract, $97 loss per contract

Account Recap for the Month: The Sector Secrets Mastery approach is a scalable one. Members are scaling to larger budgets as we had more and better trends in July. June presented challenges as the reflation trade was broken. We promptly refocused on gold, healthcare, communication, bonds, crude oil, and oil stocks (which were still in an uptrend to start the month).

After the July OPEC meeting went into chaos, as an agreement could not be reached regarding oil production cuts, the oil trade fell apart and presented us with the loss in crude.

The upside? Crude oil had yielded multiple buys before the trend was broken, stopping the trade out. Since we keep a fixed budget and specific percentage risk per trade, it was disappointing but not a major blow to profit and loss (P&L). 

We pressed our advantage then in XLV, XLC, and TLT from that point on. We traded the pullbacks more aggressively as the trend continued higher not only in those sectors but also in the S&P and NASDAQ. Bonds continued to outperform and dips continued to be an ideal opportunity. XLC, XLV, and TLT proved to be 2x winners for us. 

Account Recap Year-to-Date: Looking ahead we will continue to press out advantages in the same sectors of XLV, XLC, and now XLK. 

Gold is poised to present us with another opportunity. Except for the March volatility in technology and the June rollover in the reflation trade, the account is continuing to grow as we seek out the best uptrends.


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