What's The Formula For Consistent Growth In Your Trading Account? 

Having a solid watchlist, knowing the "right" symbols to trade, risking the proper amount of capital for your account size, and knowing how to identify targets/exits. Trading is not supposed to be frustrating and it doesn't have to be! If you're ready for a steadily growing P&L - a nice solid uptrend - once and for all...Join Raghee HERE and NOW

Say what, “parabolic?”

Getting cheaper fills on your trades… In this video, you’ll learn how to identify if a stock, ETF, or futures contract has gone “parabolic.”  What the heck does that even mean?  Determining whether a stock, ETF, or futures contract is…

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ETF Gift Kept Giving

A 3x winner on a $3.30 option $620.00 profit per contract Knowing how and when to take profits is a question I’m always being asked. Once we’ve identified where we are going to get into the trade… We then need…

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Which Time Frames Spot Trends?

Answer this question to guide trades… In every trader’s career, there are universal questions that we’ll all need to answer for ourselves. These include, “What time frames do we even focus on?” and, “Do we use multiple time frame confirmation?” …

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GRaB Candles Indicator

Identify not only the trend but also the sentiment and momentum in the market on any charted time frame.

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A dynamic indicator based on the comparison of 2 EMAs in the form of buy and sell dots.

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