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Gone are the days of higher highs meaning a continuation of a steady uptrend. Traders, we are in choppy market conditions. What to trade is actually more important than how you trade it. With market conditions like this, what do you trade? Is it a long position, short position, or time to sit on the sidelines? Join Raghee in here Sector Secrets Mastery where you'll learn how to create the "right" watchlist and identify what strategies work best for the quickly changing market conditions.  DON'T DELAY...START NOW

Three Seasonal Tendencies

Santa Rally, Window Dressing, and Tax Harvest At the end of each year, traders become preoccupied with the Santa Rally, window dressing, and tax loss harvesting. Like most things, everything has a time and place. In order to know how…

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Our Trickiest Month So Far

Why We’re Studying Daily Time Frames In today’s video, you’ll see how I incorporate the daily time frame with a two and five-minute chart. Many traders forget to look at the daily time frame even though we’re day trading. But,…

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Defining What Scalability Means

Why Trading Rules Don’t Change  It would nearly defy logic to say that a trader with a $10,000 account can trade the same as the trader with a $100,000.00 account. It’s a question I get asked almost daily, “What size…

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