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The Dow 123 Reversal Pattern

Hi traders, Raghee here, We’re gonna talk about Dow 123 reversals. Now, In order to trade reversal (and this is where a lot of traders get into trouble) we need a trend to actually reverse. In other words, there needs…

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Is This Trend Going to Continue?

How to use the Dow 123 Continuation Pattern  Hey Traders, So often we look for the “latest and greatest” ways to measure what’s happening in the markets (like patterns). New stuff can be great but don’t forget about the “old…

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A Dow 123 Continuation Pattern

In this video, we’re gonna talk about a pattern that I have been using since the very earliest days of my trading. It’s almost a century and a-half old pattern, a continuation variety of the Dow 123. Now Dow 1-2-3s…

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