October ‘Ups and Downs’

Catch my “best” and “worst” October trades…

We regularly take on new trades during our online live-trading sessions in the Simpler Futures room. Today, I wanted to share some of those trades with you to show how trading “really happens.”

Here is my account recap for the month during October… 

The daily time frame entries in the index continue to be oversold short sells at the top of the range which have not yet triggered. Intraday trading through October has been best for the S&P, Dow, and the NASDAQ. Energy assets that include crude oil, natural gas, and Reformulated Blendstock for Oxygenate Blending (RBOB) gasoline are not just the strongest commodities, but also some of the strongest trends in any market right now. These assets are proving to be excellent for more aggressive trend followers — something I cover in detail in the update video below.

All traders have their ups and downs, and here you can take a look at mine:

Best Trade in October: 

30-Year Bond

30-YEAR BOND SHORT ZBZ21 for $3,000 per contract

Worst Trade in October: 

Crude oil

No loss / missed opportunity

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