Must-Know Volume Levels?

 Part 2: Volume Levels To Remove Trading Guesswork

As we’ve previously discussed (Part 1), the workspace bundle is everything you need to catch the same trade setups and exits at the same profit levels as I do. Not only can your charts look like mine, you can use these tools and my strategies to become a consistently profitable trader once and for all. 

Just like how I’ve been for over 30 years now.

In this Part 2 video of our three-part series, we’re learning about the indicators that help me identify volume levels with far more depth than just price. These are must-know levels.

Price is always key, but the volume tools — my VWAP tools — can identify what volume occurs at what price and at what time whether it’s on a daily or monthly chart. No more guesswork!

Essentially, automated tools will tell you why volume matters, how volume relates to price, where the value area highs and lows can be found, and points of control. 

Check out this video for an in-depth explainer of what my VWAP tools are all about.

DON’T FORGET… we will be getting together on Friday, Sept. 10t, for our first of two Live-Trading sessions where I will be teaching you how to use each indicator as we look for day trading setups and longer term swing trades… see you there!  GRAB YOU SPOT HERE


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