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2021: The Year of “Selective” Trading

Play the video above to learn Raghee’s strategy that adapts to the psychology of the market and what’s ahead in 2021. This strategy is designed to give you time back during the trading day. 2020 has taught us how valuable time is, so don’t be a slave to the markets. Let the markets do the…

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Trading ETFs (& Stocks) in 5 Hrs/Wk

Join Raghee Horner as she shares her “less is more” strategy for trading 5 hours a week. Even better? When broken down that’s only 1 hour a day at the end of your trading day. Here’s what you’ll discover during the webinar: Case Study: Raghee’s EOD trades that take only ONE hour a day (5…

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Inevitable Trends to Follow Right Now

As COVID-19 continues to alter the course of every market known to man, Raghee Horner took the time to dive in deep with how it’s shaken up the Forex market. She also explained why now, more than ever, could be the best time to trade Forex.

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