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The Obnoxious Profit Method (TOPS)

Discover how Raghee effectively uses Simpler Trading Indicators and tools in TradeStation and Thinkorswim to analyze charts. In addition, you will learn how Raghee identifies precise entries and exits using her proven “roadmap.’ In the live trading session, you will have the precious opportunity to watch Raghee’s applying her roadmap and identifying potential setups in…

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Trend Trading Themes

The Webinar Behind Market Money Math Whether or not you ACTUALLY like Math, you’ll love Raghee’s Market Math. During this webinar, she discusses the Math behind how her husband, a total trading beginner, DOUBLED a 10k account in less than 90 days. It’s based off of simpler 4th grade Math.

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Dow Theory Decoded

How a 140 year old market analysis is the key to successfully trading any market today. During this webinar, Raghee, takes the time to discuss Dow Theory. From the three phases of Down Theory, to how to use it in your trading game, to what tools pair best with it. Check out the full webinar…

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Raghee's "ABCD Macro Cycle"
Learn, understand, and trade the 4 factors of economic cycles that every trader should know.

GRaB Candles Indicator

Identify not only the trend but also the sentiment and momentum in the market on any charted time frame.

TradeStation | ThinkorSwim

Darvas 2.0 Indicator

Darvas 2.0 draws a box when a new high or new low occurs.

TradeStation | ThinkorSwim

Propulsion Dots Indicator

A dynamic indicator based on the comparison of 2 EMAs in the form of buy and sell dots.

TradeStation | ThinkorSwim