Forex Course Receives Industry Award

Hey traders Raghee here, and I have a question for you… 

How do you overcome obstacles that block you from improving your trading? The answer is a no brainer, right? You get helpful advice from a credible source.

For example, learning how to trade forex to make consistent returns sounds like a challenge. But, I promise you… Forex can be a lot simpler than you think, Gang. Especially if you can find reputable resources like Benzinga.

In fact, my “Forex 101” class has been Voted #1 in Benzinga’s list of  “Best Forex Trading Education Services“. Words can’t describe how excited I am to share this with you. In my “Forex 101” class, I’ve broken down all the things you’ll need to know to start trading forex.

Have you been trading forex but haven’t been as successful as you’d like? Then this is the class for you, too! (And Benzinga can back me up on this one.) Forex is the largest market in the world and still it’s often overlooked. It may feel a bit intimidating because you might not know much about it, but it doesn’t have to be that way  — if you know where to look.

This course breaks down each aspect of trading forex into small pieces. From topics as fundamental as what is a currency, currency pairs, a pip or more in-depth topics such as macros. Did I mention you’ll also get all the tools you’ll need to use your newfound knowledge?

Forex is the foundation for all other markets, Gang. I want to show you how to avoid being taken off guard by looking at the big picture… the world! Plus, the global view will also help you in trading stocks and futures. When you understand what is happening in other countries you will be able to identify how we all affect each other. 

Everything you need to know is here in this 10-part “Forex 101” class. I truly am honored by Benzinga’s recognition and I’m certain you’ll love the value of this class!   


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