ETF Opportunities In Chop

Choppy Market Opportunities

The big questions right now are how do I trade chop and how do we know if a market has the potential to turn into a downtrend? 

In this video, you’ll find a great example of market realities to temper the fear and frustrations so many traders are facing right now. 

Here’s an extra hint into what we’re following —  the Russell (RTY).

With so much chop in this market, traders don’t know where and when they’re stepping into common pitfalls that can be avoided. We’re not in an uptrend, but we’re not in a downtrend either.

It can be tough trying to find  clarity in this  market trend. Trying to be first, or being early is the same as being wrong.

Often, we are going to see the better setup by waiting. But we’re traders and our job is to make money so we’ve got to find those potentially big winning setups even in chop.

The Russell (RTY) has been a great example of understanding where the market was and where it stands today. This is really what we’re looking for in terms of the clarity that we can take advantage of to trade successfully and confidently.

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