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How to choose your own adventure…

Today we’re going to talk about a concept that has really been a pillar of my trading as I’ve traded more and more asset classes. I’m sure a lot of you have said, “Well, Ragh, I’m currently a stock trader and I’d like to add ETFs, options, or futures.”

This is going to help you stay on track and understand just how interwoven and really how simple that transition can be. 

The foundation is this…

Choose your own adventure.

Where does this come from? Many of you might remember reading the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books as kids. Well, this follows the same idea. 

That means when I’m taking a look at a single market idea, like natural gas for example, I want to buy natural gas.

Now, you might be a trader who says, “Well, Ragh, this is a futures contract. I know natural gas can be volatile and natural gas can be pricey. I’m uncomfortable with the futures contract overnight.” You could come up with any number of reasons.

Rather than abandoning the idea, the first thing you can ask yourself is, “Well, how do I choose my own adventure?”


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