Automate Your Tools?

Part 3: How to stop second-guessing yourself…

Is this a trend? Is it bullish, bearish, chop, a reversal? Will this trend last? Where do I get into the trade? Should I stay on the sidelines or jump in? Great, I got into the trade but now where do I get out? So many questions.

STOP making yourself crazy!  

There are objective answers to your questions that involve tools I’ve been using for decades… 

And I want you to have them, too!     

All of these questions are not only valid, but they are the first things you should be asking yourself whether you’re trading futures or options on ETFs and stocks. 

In this third video of our three-part series, I explain what each indicator does and why each matters in understanding trends, price levels, support, and resistance along with validity. I share at what point the trade is valid to not only get into, but also when to get out. 

Automation and letting the tools work for you will change your trading life. The answers are here and available to you in my workspace bundle. You’ll not only get all the indicators I’ve been telling you about… you’ll also get two live-trading sessions where you’ll be able to put the tools to work during live market hours. Take the guesswork out of trading by joining us on September 10 and 13. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how  my tools answer so many questions for traders.

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GRaB Candles Indicator

Identify not only the trend but also the sentiment and momentum in the market on any charted time frame.

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Propulsion Dots Indicator

A dynamic indicator based on the comparison of 2 EMAs in the form of buy and sell dots.

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