A consistent theme…

This is a little background for the coming newsletters, and what I’ll be looking to trade through the end of 2019

I trade very short-term these months of the year.

Here’s why (and why it may benefit you to do the same)…

The appeal is that I’m flat (without a position) by the end of the day and sometimes by 11:30 AM Eastern, Gang. So for traders looking to trade “part time”, daytrading is pretty awesome.

I also focus primarily on the S&P, NASDAQ, Dow, and Russell for daytrading.

Euro, Yen, Gold, Crude, and Bonds are also on the list, but I don’t trade those as frequently and use a modified strategy for those markets. Keep your eye out because this may be the topic for an upcoming newsletter.

Lastly, most of the tools I use are TOPS tools for daytrading, as well as Submarket Sonar tools. I also covered some of this in the Futures Freedom Plan and the Daytrading class I did with John Cater.

So any of those would make sense as classes that’d be beneficial if you really want to dive into this topic. AND now would be the perfect time to do so, since our Black Friday Sale just started (and runs through Cyber Monday), and many of those classes are 30% off in the store.

All you need is this code: TURKEY to enter upon checkout, Gang. Here’s a quick link to the store for you, too.

2 thoughts on “A consistent theme…”

  1. Raghee-
    Are the Downloads on your CountdownTrader blog working? The GRaB Candles Indicator and Darvas 2.0 Indicator go to the same Shared Studies link (TOS), and the Propulsion Dots Indicator link is broken. The ABCD Macro cycle link points to the ABCD cycle graphic as expected.


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