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Gone are the days of higher highs meaning a continuation of a steady uptrend. Traders, we are in choppy market conditions. What to trade is actually more important than how you trade it. With market conditions like this, what do you trade? Is it a long position, short position, or time to sit on the sidelines? Join Raghee in here Sector Secrets Mastery where you'll learn how to create the "right" watchlist and identify what strategies work best for the quickly changing market conditions.  DON'T DELAY...START NOW

Raghee’s Appearance on Benzinga

In case you missed it…  Check out Raghee’s interview: Join Raghee as she chats with Benzinga about what she’s looking at in these choppy market conditions. With price action constantly going up and down, traders are lost about where to…

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Slow Stochastic Setup

How to Manage Wild Market Chop…  How do you find opportunities to trade when the price action and volume seem to be all over the place? Said another way, what can traders do to manage the choppy conditions we are…

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Gain An ‘Edge’ With Trading Tools for Chop

How to Find Opportunities in 2022  One thing we can’t deny is that 2022 is very unlike 2021. We are dealing with a lot of chop, and chop can be difficult because it’s not generous to follow through.  When we…

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